Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Draw Something

I am so hooked on this Draw Something app. I guess it's a game, but I'm not sure how to tell who is winning or losing. Considering that currently all the people I play with are all a long distance away, the part I really enjoy is the part where I can watch my friend's drawing or their attempts at guessing my sketch--kind of makes me feel like I'm there together with them, albeit briefly. I'm also dazzled how simply my friends can get the idea across, like with a simple stick figures to signify Air Jordan:

Or the concept of a movie director:

As expressed by Ira Glass, sometimes I have a picture/plan in my head but it doesn't quite turn out as I envisioned it.  But fortunately, the idea can still come across:

Sometimes I'm pleased that I get enough details at least roughly colored in:

Sometimes if I know a friend is familiar with the subject of the clue, I can usually scrape enough arts skills together to get the idea across to someone who kind of knows what I'm attempting. Like this "scene" in the Hunger Games:

Or the concept of little babies:

Or knowing that the player was my friend's young son, I tried connecting to "Green Eggs and Ham" to make up for weak drawing skills:

I also love it when I draw a word for one friend:

And then I have to guess the same word from another friend:

It really makes me enjoy my friend's skills! Speaking of skills--check out this killer Mad Men Drawing from a friend:

Like I said, I don't know if I'm winning or losing, but I having a blast at this game! I highly recommend this app!

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  1. that widow one was um... interesting. dunno how i managed to guess that. you didn't screen shot the final mad men! don't worry, i did. :D