Thursday, May 31, 2012

Les Miserables trailer!

Does anybody else get teary when watching the trailer for Les Miserables?

First, this song by Fantine ("I Dreamed a Dream") alone just gets me teared up. If you're familiar with the musical, this song nails the cruel and harsh realization of dreams and hopes dashed.  Abandoned by a lover while pregnant, then forced to put her daughter in the care of greedy tavern owners (who abuse and use the girl as labor), Fantine's life spirals downward as she is fired from her factory job (exposed for having an illegitimate daughter), sells her hair, forced into prostitution to keep supporting her daughter's upkeep, and eventually dies without seeing her daughter ever again.  It's a very sad and cruel tragedy that plays out in various ways through history but man, this song just captures the essence of how innocent and pure trust turns to hopelessness when so cruelly abused in greedy, selfish, and merciless hands.  I cry EVERY time.

Second, how much is Hugh Jackman going to KILL it as Valjean?  I love him in this role.  I can't think of better casting. 

And finally, when I think about the musical and all that it inspires--kindness, mercy, and justice--I can barely wait to see this film adaptation.  With the ability to use sets and scenes beyond a stage (which was wonderfully staged on Broadway), I can just see the imagery being more powerful.  Can't wait until this movie comes out.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Duct Tape Beauties

Yesterday, I received a late birthday present from my friend's son--a beautiful surprise of handmade goodness! Check out this wallet--don't you love the gold trim detailing and clear window?

And this bouquet! The uniformity of size and pattern of the petals and detailed construction are really awesome.

Totally worth the delay--I love these!