Saturday, April 28, 2012


Today the girl and I hit CraftyFeast, a craft fair here in Columbia, SC.  It was a blast--a variety of vendors and full of inspiration.

I loved this vendor, nana.  She makes bags and bibs from vintage and vintage-inspired material--all of it unique and well-crafted by hand.  Really lovely and unique bags!

The girl loved Ramen Needles.  For hand-crocheted stuff, her prices are crazy reasonable.  And adorable:

I couldn't resist getting this crocheted fried egg for a fried-egg loving friend.  Now she wants toast and bacon to go with it--I told her to check out this vendor's etsy shop--she makes custom items!

Ramen Needles has a great assortment of hand-crocheted stuff--I highly recommend checking them out for unique and cute gifts.

There was a variety of humorous and well-crafted welded metal art available by Jamie Chapman/Happy Scraps:

We fell in love with Sparky and brought him home with us:

We got these adorable Boo-Boo Beasties (cold/heat pacs) for Velina's little cousins at Crankypants.  Lots of cute stuff and very reasonably priced--great gift ideas for those with little ones:

I had to get this fridge magnet from Not Made In China (which features goods with a lot of specific North and South Carolina humor) since we live in Rosewood:

I also picked up the can opener versions of these as gifts for a longtime Columbia resident:

We also picked up some cool glasses from Phoenix Fire Studios.  They feature awesome screen printed and etched glasses as well some screen printed paper goods.  They have some really fun motifs and also, very reasonably priced--perfect for unique gifts!

We loved another vendor, Lime Green, which featured so many cool re-purposed funky items.  Totally cool and inspiring.  We had a great time roaming this craft fair--can't wait to hit it again next year!

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  1. that fair sounds so cool. i love my egg. haha1 in fact we had a fried egg with rice for dinner today. ergg.