Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

This year I was pretty unprepared for Halloween. I just got back from visiting my mom and sister in NJ/NY on Saturday and then Hurricane Sandy/Frankenstorm happened on Monday. We weren't affected except for some high winds, but my family and friends in the Northeast were definitely affected. Some were fine with power but fairly locked in because of mass transit shutdowns and others had no electricity, water, or cell service. Fortunately, they all survived without severe damage to their health, cars, or home, though they all knew someone or lived in a neighborhood where someone wasn't so lucky.

I was encouraged to hear that, despite this, there was still a strong desire to still celebrate Halloween. One friend said that not only was it community bonding during difficult times but it's also a pleasant distraction that's fun for the kids. Besides, he added, all the candy was bought a while ago (as a fellow mom, I totally relate to this as one who tends to be well-stocked for Halloween way before the event). This totally motivated me to put something together--Frankenstorm wasn't going to be the Grinch of Halloween, after all.

I went to Goodwill last night and spent $8 on these items:

with a goal to become the Sun Drop soda girl:

I didn't hold out too much hope that I'd find a blank green ringer tee, but I did find light and dark green t-shirts that I just layered.  I found the Sun Drop logo on the internet, printed it out on iron-on paper, and ironed it on the light green shirt.  I took scissors to the Mom Jeans, which I turned into the cutoffs.  I trimmed off the toes of the red socks to make into leg warmers.  For the red head band, I cut up the toddler tights and put a few stitches in to make a loop.  I had black tights and I just went with sneakers that I had with green trim and hope it wouldn't be a big deal not to have red sneakers.  Ta da!

Besides my annual trip to Starbucks for my favorite autumn drink--the pumpkin spice soy latte--I hit Earth Fare.  I had an impromptu conversation with a lady on vegan yogurts and she never mentioned my costume, which vaguely made me wonder if she thought I was dressed as I normally do.  Which is kind of awesome, right?

The topper was coming in 2nd place (to a killer Fierce Five 2012 USA women's gymnastics team) at the costume contest at work.

And I was able to squeeze in carving our traditional barfing Jack O'Lantern:

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!


  1. ok what is sun drop???? like mountain dew?

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