Sunday, June 17, 2012

Folding Paper: AWESOME origami exhibit at JANM

My lovely friend, her mom, and I went to a great origami exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, they didn't allow taking photographs, but fortunately, they sold a catalog of the exhibit so I could remember some of the great pieces like this one (which was folded from a single piece of paper!):

If you happen to be in Los Angeles before August 26, I highly recommend a visit. The exhibit itself (and the museum as a whole, frankly) is very doable in an afternoon. The one thing I strongly recommend is wearing layers--we were freezing! Ironically while I was checking the permanent Japanese American history exhibits (great pieces in there--if you're warm enough), a docent approached me and asked if I had any questions. Reflexively I asked him, "is it always so cold in here?"

He answered, "Well, the air conditioning help preserve some of the artifacts," I nodded, sure, sure.  Then he added, "And the afternoon sun can make the second floor warm," I keep nodding, yup, yup.  And then he finally says, "And we find that the cooler temperatures keep the visitors moving along."  AHA!  Mission accomplished, JAMN.

Anyhoo, thanks to my lovely friend for a great time especially in the warm sun, post-visit!

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  1. ethan is so into origami. i'd probably be so comfy in the cold building!