Thursday, March 22, 2012

Drawstring bags

My girl plays viola and one of the most annoying things was that her shoulder rest wouldn't fit in the case.  So she was always carrying it separately in her backpack where I'd fear it'd get broken or a part would get lost (as it did on one occasion).

I followed this Kitty Baby Love tutorial and made her a drawstring bag (though I only used one cord instead of two) to hold and tether her shoulder rest to her viola case.  I used some of the leftover cute birdie material she used on her Reverse Applique project.  And ta-da!

The girl likes it as much as I do.  Kind of makes me want to kick myself that I waited this long to do it.  So I kind of went on a bender and made a few of these bags in different sizes--these I did the double cord as in the original tutorial:

Kind of lovely in their simplicity, right?  I figure these could be used to carry snacks in a car, corral some toys for travel, maybe to use as a mini-laundry or shoe bag in carry-on luggage? Any other ideas?


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  2. that's weird, ethan's violin case has a spot for the shoulder thing. anyway i've made drawstring bags kinda like that and he used them as lunch bags cuz he loses like 6 bags a yr at school, also i use one a diaper bag for oli with just like 4 diapers and a ziploc of wipes. if you make a big one it could be a produce bag.